Soft wash roof and external cladding cleaning, is a recently introduced cleaning system designed to clean and protect roofing materials and external wall cladding. The build up of algae and detritus on roofs and walls can leave the building looking tired, dirty and unappealing. The continued use of high pressure jet washing systems can cause irreversible damage and mark both roofs and external walls including streaking, breakages, washing away of mortar etc.

Our Softwash system provides all exterior building cleaning requirements, our technicians  can efficiently and effectively wash and clean houses, buildings and associated surface areas such as roofs, windows, garages, paths, cobbles, driveways, fences, and decks. We use a variety of products depending what will suit your needs best, including organic biodegradable cleaning solutions.

Our Soft wash system uses a variety of chemical applications designed to be biodegradable with virtually no environmental impact, using these chemicals not only removes algae buildup but also leave behind a protective coating which inhibits their return.
We have a wide range of high reach washing systems that we utilise with our soft wash process so we can reach and clean windows, roofs and cladded/brick walls on most building up to a height of 20 meters

Reach Window Washing

Flexipol 4.jpg

We are regularly commissioned to clean high level windows on Hotels, Car Showrooms, Offices, Commercial Premises, Bus Depots, Retail Units. Our high level reach wash equipment, allows us to ensure that windows are kept clean without the down time and interruption caused by deploying lifting and access platform equipment.

We are also increasingly required to use our reach washing system to clean roof mounted solar panels and not only traditional and high level glazing. If you have any questions about our external cleaning services please contact us on 07793 763 352 or click here to use our website form


Breakdown of Services

  • Commercial, Industrial & Retail external soft wash cleaning including brickwork, fascias and cladding
  • Cleaning of high and low level glazing & solar panels
  • Graffiti removal & applying of anti-graffiti applications
  • Application of sealants & anti slip coatings to hard surfaces.
  • Signage and canopy cleaning
  • Soft Wash non destructive cleaning for Patios and Decking.

If you have cleaning requirement that we have not covered here or you wish to discuss any of our services in more detail, please contact us on 07793 763 352 or click here to contact us using the form on our website.